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In 2008, Josef "The Sultan" Svensson had an urge to create haunting, devastating soundtracks, thus he forged Revenge Prevails.

In 2009 Revenge Prevails preformed their first live show with past members who decided to quit in 2010.

In 2011, Josef summoned old acquaintance Chris "Bilge-Blasting Impender" Helleren from the crypts, to see if he was up to the task of blasting for Revenge Prevails. Chris accepted in March 2011 and the band was respawned to spread apocalyptic chanting across the mortal world. Later the same year Isabella Ramare joined the Revenge Prevails sect to demolish earsdrums with her four stringed jackhammer.

In 2012, the three members did their first live shows and also recorded their first demo entitled "Black Void Injection" It was released in March 2013

In 2013, the demo was released but something was still missing, the three members had visions of a fourth member somewhere in the world that needed to shred with them, and so they invoked Ludvig "Hlodyr" Bjórk one fullmoon night. He joined and with him and his earthquake summoning device, the band was complete.

In 2014, it was time to provoke the world so the four members entered their laboratory of death and recorded their first full-lenght album entitled "Dark Trembling Solace" containing over an hour of menacing eerie hellish messages. The Album was released for mortal ears in 2015.

In 2015, the four members began constructing a new rehearsal and studio.
The Laboratory v.2 - a place to practice their dark art and to record forthcoming devilish musick. It stood complete in 2016 and within these mystic walls, the work for their next massive full-length album was ongoing.

In 2016, The Laboratory v.2 stood complete and within those mystic walls the work for their next massive full-length album is was created and recorded during many months and tiresome tribulations.

In 2017, The second full-length album of Revenge Prevails was released! The Revengers choose to called it "False Hope Cruelty" A fitting name after so many endeavors surrounding the album. The album was a monument, a monolith so formidable and vicious it shook the bedrock itself! Listen to it at your own risk! 

In 2018, Revenge Prevails rampage like a fierce bull through the landscape of live performances as well as writing new material.  

The future is unknown...




Josef "The Sultan" Svensson

Role: Lead vocals and Guitar. Writes most of the lyrics.

Founded Revenge Prevails in 2008

Birthday: 11 September 1991

Christoffer "Bilge-Blasting Impender" Helleren

Role: Drums and percussion

Joined:  March 2011

Birthday: 29 April 1991

Isabella Ramare

Role: Bass and backing vocals. Also does album covers, artwork and videos.

Joined: November 2011 

Birthday: 1 August 1992

Ludvig "Hlodyr" Björk

Role: Guitars and backing vocals. 

Joined: 2013

Birthday: 11 May 1991



False Hope Cruelty

Dark Trembling Solace

Full Length Album (2017)

1. Into the Depths 
2. Bliss is a Hoax 
3. Underworld 
4. Shapeshifter Dawn 
5. Apocrypha 
6. The Creation of Destruction Part II 
(Minions of the Gloom) 
7. Habeas Corpus
8. Wings of Wax
9. Roots Like Veins Bleeding
10. My Remedy a Blade
11. Levitate and Linger
12. Memoria (Bonus track)

Full Length Album (2015)

1. Revenge Prevails
2. Mind Flayer
3. Seared With Scars
4. Anima Sola
5. The Creation of Destruction Part I
(Redeemer of Dust and Clay)
6. Poison Divine
7. Shadow Fiend
8. Plaguebearers Upon Pestilent Fields
9. Decayed Dreams of Heaven
10. Fleshless Spectre (Bonus Track)



Josef "The Sultan" Svensson
Lead vocals, guitar, keyboard, accordion & trumpet

Christoffer "Bilge-Blasting Impender" Helleren
Drums, backing vocals & percussion

Isabella Ramare
Bass, vocals, jew's harp & trombone

Ludvig "Hlodyr" Björk
Guitars & vocals


Album produced and recorded by Revenge Prevails Augusti 2016 to January 2017. Mixed by Ludvig "Hlodyr" Björk. Mastered by Anders Lagerfors at Nacksving Studio 1. Music by Revenge Prevails
Lyrics by Josef "the Sultan" Svensson except "Habeas Corpus" by Ludvig "Hlodyr" Björk. Artwork by Isabella Ramare. Released August 4th 2017


Josef "The Sultan" Svensson 
Lead Apocalypse Chanter, Six stringed Totem of Unholy Light and Keys of Tormenting Mirage

Christoffer "Bilge-Blasting Impender" Helleren 
Trembling Sticks of Fire and Apocalyptic Choir

Isabella "Goatwitch" Ramare 
Four Rumbling Worm Strings

Ludvig "Hlodyr" Björk 
Six Stringed Earthquake Summoning Device and Apocalyptic Choir


Album produced and recorded by Revenge Prevails, summer 2014. Mixed and mastered by Ludvig "Hlodyr" Björk. Artwork by Isabella Ramare. Music by Revenge Prevails. Lyrics by Josef "The Sultan" Svensson.


Black Void Injection

Demo/EP (2013)

1. Bloodstained Paradox
2. Everyone Will Burn in Hell
3. World of Nothing
4. Själlöst Förfall
5. Betrayed by the Sacred


Axe of Death and Bleeding Throat

Heart Stabbing Frequencies

Mind Flaying Beats and Blasts


Produced by Revenge Prevails and Billy Mellström. Engineered mixed and mastered by Billy Mellström. Recorded at Billys's studio in Ljungskile, Sweden, Autumn 2012.

Music by Revenge Prevails. Lyrics by Josef. Artwork and layout by Isabella.